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Using Lip Liner: Top 3 Ways to Make This Useful Make-up Tool Work for You

Everybody, and we mean everybody can benefit from a little lip liner. While lining your lips runs the danger of creating an outdated, overdrawn, unblended pout, it’s time to stop shying away from lip liner for fear it may leave you looking like a Real Housewife. Here are the real 3 ways to make lip liner work for you.

The first one is called Nude or the Shaping Liner. Flesh toned liners can help shape your lips before lip products are applied by filling in parts of the lip area to match your face. This is a great technique for achieving dramatic looks such as a cupid’s bow shape, but it also works wonders for reshaping uneven lips—especially when finishing with a sheer lipstick or gloss that wouldn’t so easily mask the characteristic.

When you’re on the go, and you don’t have time to fumble with a lip brush to get those sharp artist-esque lines every time you reach for a reapplication, then matched or the Sharpening Liner is what you need. Save energy by lining your lips first with a liner that matches as close as possible with your lipstick. You’ll get a crisp, creamy line that can be filled in with a smudge of lipstick.

The last tip for today is to use Dark or the Contour Liner. Dark lip liner doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but a well-blended choice can work wonders for those who wish for fuller lips. Try lining lips in a dark shade and filling in with a creamy lipstick in a lighter shade. Using a lip brush, blend the shades together where they meet and you’ll end up with ombre results that look injection-worthy.


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Lisa Wright

Thank you for such an interesting article about a liner, a tool that to my opinion every woman should know how to use. I believe a lot of make-up beginners will find something new in this article.

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