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Using a Lip Liner

Everybody, and we mean everybody can benefit from a little lip liner. While lining your lips runs the danger of creating an outdated, overdrawn, unblended pout, it’s time to stop shying away from lip liner for fear it may...

Beauty & Hair Styling Trends of 2016

Autumn/winter 2016's fashion shows offered a welcome beauty refresh for the new season - as well as a renewed celebration of individuality in hair and make-up. Discover the full list of the most popular trends you need to know about, how they can improve...


Beauty Salon is founded on the idea that the highest quality beauty services can be provided in a comfortable, relaxing environment. We are innovators in the beauty industry and we offer the newest products, services, and state-of-the-art equipment. We are glad to welcome you to take part in our peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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